Website recommendations for developers to learn programming
The Internet is a rapidly evolving field, where technologies constantly being updated, like from HTML to HTML5, from CSS to CSS3, from JavaScript to JavaScript frameworks, etc. If you can't keep up with the speed, you will be out of game. Therefore, a quick grasp of a language or a technology can be very beneficial.
This article provides you 9 practical online tutorials, some of them are in interactive formats, and others are in comprehensive guides and visualizations.They will help you quickly master a language. They share a common purpose, that makes your learning more fun, and makes it easier for you to master it.
Language: JavaScript 4 lessons plus best practices/resources to teach you how to program using Javascript.
Each lesson has a video and detailed articles to make sure you understand them.
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Language: JavaScript
This is an interactive form of instruction that gives you a bit of a grip on JavaScript.
For each course you complete, you get some achievement points and badges that will inspire your interest in learning.
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Languages: CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Basic Programming, and iOS Development
This is a paid member online learning service that covers topics such as Web design and development, as well as iOS development, which is now very popular.
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Language: Ruby RubyMonk is an interactive learning platform.
You can learn Ruby through courses, problem solving, or related articles.
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Language: Ruby
Hackety will teach you the absolute basics of programming, even if you don't have any programming experience.
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​jQuery Air​

Language: JavaScript jQuery is the most famous JavaScript framework. Now you can learn jQuery directly in your browser.
The process of learning jQuery should be fun, and jQuery Air does it through a number of practical ways.
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Language: Java, Python
Learn about Java and Python by solving sample problems and online coding practices.
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​PHP Know How​

Language: PHP
This is not an interactive way to learn, but it has a good written tutorial that contains a wealth of examples and guides to teach you the basics of PHP and MySQL.
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Languages: Java, Python, Go, PHP and other mainstream development languages This is the official website of MongoDB. MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open-source NoSQL database written in the C? language. For java, Python, Go, PHP and other mainstream development languages.
The site contains a tutorial that lets you start your MongoDB learning journey with some commands.
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Technology: WeChat small program development, algorithm. This is an online education website supported by Tsinghua University and other institutions.
It includes courses such as recommended algorithms, WeChat mini-program production, etc.
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